LOG ERROR: "RACOON process is hung in sbwait. Restarting."

  • Someone knows how to solve this problem?


  • Known FreeBSD issue and a bug report has been opened.  No resolutions ATM, just this workaround.

  • maybe is a know bug but…i log this message every 30 min. followed by a raccoon restart and the lose of all my tunnels.... :'(

  • Is correct than in the current BSD version the sbwait problem occurs when the tunnels amount reach around 50?

    is correct to say than in pfense the limit of tunnels are 50 (until the problem is solved)?

  • For right now that is about right.  But we are in the process of testing a few patches which should bring it up to atleast 500.

  • Is this problem solved on the 1.2rc3 release?

  • for me 1.2 rc3 restarts racoon most often than  1.2rc2. I didn´t change anything and on this cluster i have only 5 ipsec tunnels up and running, i don´t know…. :'(

  • This problem makes pfense unreliable to make trusted and continuous ipsec connections (ej. remote rdp or vnc connections), because you don't know when the system can go down, (cutting all the remote connections)….and the restart script controlling the sbwait, don't warranties you the correct ipsec restart or the lost of one or all tunnels (or wait for keys expiration on the remote sites)...

    for me this is a big problem...


  • For me too, i´m waiting for the final 1.2 and i hope this problem are fixed in the final version. As aforesaid on this cluster are only "5" tunnels up and running with very low traffic. This is a test-cluster for me and the 1.2.rc3.

    I'm at a loss what to do…. :'(
    Maybe in case of emergency i will make a downgrade to 1.0.1. IPSEC is al-important for me and our business.

  • 1.2-RC4 has this problem fixed. Please upgrade.

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