Carp should inactive during package reinstall

  • hi

    i have update the pfsense today. after reboot the firewall reinstall all packages.
    i think it is not good to switch back the carp ip during reinstall packages.
    packages can provide a service on the carp ip. but during the reinstallation the service is down.
    better it was to start without enable carp when an other node exists.
    when installation complete, carp can enabled.


  • I also would like such a feature but the thinking according to a previous thread I was in is that this should not happen very often.  You can always plan this for a maintenance window with the users.

    I do agree though it would be great to be able to upgrade without affecting the functionality of a carp setup with the workflow just as you described (keep carp disabled until upgrade is complete on the primary).

  • I would prefer to have a better maintenance support in a CARP situation also. I have a high availability cluster to avoid interruptions in our network. We have about 70 users in an apartment house and I can't inform all users and we have no maintenance window because there is always somebody online.

    I support the idea of traxanos. I would appreciate the following additionals functions:

    • during boot process an option to disable CARP that means the slave server keeps online on virtual interfaces.
    • The disabling button on page "Status –> CARP" should be persistant for next boot.

    The possibility to disable during boot already is necessary if the master pfsense will not work properly but it takes virtual addresses. With such an option an unwanted interruption could be avoided.

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