HAVP \ Wii \ Netflix

  • Currently I am using PFSense for my home network. I have SNORT, PFBlocker, and HAVP installed and have been very happy.

    The problem I am having is with HAVP and streaming Netflix to a Wii. I can connect and browse movies, but if I try to play one the CPU usage on PFSense will spike to about 50% and after a while Netflix will report that it can not play the title.

    I have tried disabling video stream scanning and adding the following to the whitelist (some are from the web and some are from packet captures I did)

    I have RAM drive enabled and a lot of defaults as well.

    I can play Netflix on standard PCs through web browsers, but not on the Wii. Any ideas?

  • You could try to have your Wii bypass the proxy and see if that works. I had a Roku that I used for Netflix and when I set the IP of the Roku to not be filtered, it worked much better.

  • I thought about that, however PFSense is sitting between my modem and router as a firewall and does not handle DHCP \ Traffic Shaping. I chose this because the router I am using has a really good QoS and I love the gui that shows real time usage.

    I am going to table this for now. Getting ready to leave town for a while and there is no reason to worry about it until I can get at least one more WAN connection to handle the traffic anyway.

    Thanks for the suggestion.

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