Pfsense transparent web filter with squad

  • dear all,

    I ve followed this guide and I managed to setup my machine as transparent firewall/bridge.
    I have an internet gateway on the wan I have my pc on the lan and I have access to internet as I should.So far so good. Now I try to setup pfsense with squad but with no success.All the traffic passes through without being filtered.
    I set proxy to bind to lan (also tried with OPT1 interface) "I checked allow users on interface" and "transparent proxy".
    I set filter to block ALL ACCESS but with no result.My only computer can have full access to any site. Could you please have a look to my screenshots to advice what I ve done wrong?


  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    Squid in transparent mode cannot work with a bridged/transparent firewall setup.

  • jimp many thx for your reply. the network range on the lan port of pfsense is the same with the router's on the i can setup the pfsense/squid to have two ips on the same range on both ports?is that possible?

    thx again

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    You cannot. What you're trying to do is just not possible with pfSense.

  • @jimp:

    You cannot. What you're trying to do is just not possible with pfSense.

    Hi jimp,

    Thx for your replies.Having a network of pcs and a router on the same network please advice me which is the best configuration so as pfsense to be used.I don't need to set it up as a firewall nor as something else. All I need is to install a pfsense appliance between my network and the router so as to have a transparent web filtering without the need of ip changes on my network. Why wan port has to be on different ip rage than nat's ? If it is impossible please advice for the best alternative solution

    thx in advance

    what I'd like :  ROUTER=========PFSENSE/WEBFILTERING============PC

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