VLAN issue with pfSense in a VMWare Cluster

  • Hi guys,

    I have really odd thing going on here. I have my pfSense as a guest on 1 host of total 3. When I setup a Port Group Nic with VLAN 100 it works fine for the guests on different hosts. But all my guests that is not on the same host as my pfSense cannot communicate at all with pfSense, if I migrate the guest to the same host as pfSense it works.

    My first taught was that something was wrong in my switch, but after going trough my config it looks alright, so  yea, my guests can communicate with each other…  nothing wrong with my tagged VLAN in the switch right?

    I even tried different NIC-drivers in pfSense without any luck.

    Anyone had any similar phenomenons? If so, how did you address the issue?

  • Netgate Administrator

    How is the pfSense VM configured? Other hosts would not be able connect to it's WAN interface by default.


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