• I have the possibility to reserve 4 IPs from my ISP by DHCP.
    (maybe this can be added manually as a static IP, which actually would solve part of my problem, but not all)..

    Currently I have the WAN address from DHCP from the ISP (lets call it IP A). I want to add another IP to the WAN interface (IP B), so my server(DMZ) traffics incoming and outgoing is from IP B, and my client network outgoing traffic comes from IP A.

    Is this possible, so the external IPs is different for the client and server network?

  • This is solved, and where actually surpricingly easy.

    Added the VIP as static IP, next I created an NAT rule, where the source = the DMZ network, and the NAT address is = VIP.
    Voila, solved. :)

    Now ingoing traffic to both IPs is working, and client and dmz have different outgoing IP addresses. cooool  ;D

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