Any wiki about how to benchmarking NIC performance?

  • Yes, I am a newbie.

    I'm setting up a router based on DN2800MT. I need a step-by-step walkthrough guide on how to benchmarking my NIC performance (it'd be better to benchmark without extra machines. for example, CPU-to-NIC-to-CPU performance is a good one to have).

    Any suggestions?


  • I just got through doing that exact same thing.

    Tamosoft,  iperf.   pretty self explanatory once you download them and run the software.  i've found they give somewhat random results.  so i used a disk Mark to measure real world performance on a network share on the other side of the WAN.

    My setup was a NAS running sandy bridge and 1GigE link to the WAN and LAN directly to My PC and MAC.  Ran BlackMagic Disk speed test on the Mac and ATTO on pc,  older version. couldn't remember but it was in line with the MAC results.

    Make sure you read through this thread, for tips on bandwidth.   Or perhaps you may have been following this one.,65212.0.html

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