Downloads freezing after 30 seconds

  • Hello,

    since bridging a 2.0.3 VM WAN to a 2.1RC1 OPT interface, may not be related though, I noticed all downloads started from a client behind the 2.0.3VM are interrupted after exactly 30 seconds, no matter how much data is transferred.

    I don't have any deep knowledge of TCP/IP but it seems like if the TCP connection doesn't get somehow ACKed and then the state times out (sorry if this doesn't mean anything). This does not happen when the 2.0.3 VM is freshly booted, but starts right after a couple of minutes.

    any hints?


  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    If you have asymmetric routing happening, it would explain that (traffic entering and exiting different interfaces) - or if you have made a layer 2 loop, STP on the bridge would shut off a port.

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