Yet another NAT problem thread

  • Well, i've searched high and low to try and fix this problem but am having no luck.
    I read the faq, i asked some people on IRC, but nothing seems to work.

    My interfaces:
    WAN: DHCP with static DNS
    LAN: dhcp server

    i followed the instructions on the FAQ and forwarded all the ports i needed. I've forwarded 80, 21, 119, 33998(torrents), 7777-7788(UT2k4 server), 8080 (UT admin server), 8303 (teewars server), and some xbox live ports.
    my http, ftp, nttp, and torrent ports work perfectly.  no problems at all.  however, my ut2k4, teewars, and xbox live don't work right.  teewars has a built in function that connects to the master server list and tells you if users can connect on the port (8303).  it always replies that it cannot connect.  UT2k4 is odd.  the admin page (a webserver running on 8080) works fine.  People can connect to my server, sometimes.  It is very odd, it's like it works when it feels like it.  Also, it doesn't broadcast to the master server list.  xbox live will connect but i can't connect to other users, and teewars no one can see me on the server list or connect directly.

    i turned logging on and it seems like i am getting hammered by a lot of IPs.  I turned the log setting to 2000 (max) and by the time i refresh the page there are 2000 more entries. most are passing for my torrents, but even when i turn my client off they still come through.  the denials are on weird ports that i dont know anything about.  and i can never find the port i am looking for (8303).

    anybody have a clue wtf is going on? @_@

  • that fixed it, thanks man :)

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