Nothing working on Opt ports 1 - 5?

  • Hi.

    New user of pfSense here. I have a brand new Netgate FW-7541 running 2.0.3p1-RELEASE (amd64).

    After having to do a reset to factory defaults by telnet through the console, the only ports working are the WAN and LAN. Opt 1 through 5 have been enabled in the interface, and I selected DHCP, but a pc connected to them has no LAN or Internet access.

    I am simply trying to get them to function the same as the LAN port. I've scoured the forum here for 2 days and read the Docs, but I just can't get it to work.

    Can someone give me simple instructions how to get those ports working?

    Go easy on me.

  • You need to set firewall rules on these interfaces. By default all interfaces have no rule which means all traffic is blocked.
    The only exception is the first LAN interface which has an allow any traffic to everywhere.

    Check your firewall rules.

  • I had read that and I have tried duplicating the LAN rule on Opt2 with no luck. Can you tell me specifically how the Opt2 rule should be or know of a link?

    Thanks for your reply.

  • Well - You need to enable them.  Then you need to give them a static IP different than the LAN in a 1 up fashion is easy way.

    Lets say LAN is

    Then make opt1

    And so on.  I say at the beginning, for simplicity, but its best if you change something to ensure you won't get conflicts later if you decide to make vpns.    You could make it 192.168.x.1 where x is a random starting point you determine.  Say 61….

    in which case all your LANs / OPTs would get an IP ending in 61.1  62.1  63.1  64.1  etc...

    So, check your interface assignments to make sure all the opt interfaces have static IP similar but different to LAN by 1 up.

    Makes sure in DHCP server its set up similar to LAN but different by 1 up.

    Same for DHCP range.

    Then check and make sure each opt interface under firewall > rules gets a rule to pass its traffic to *

    Then they should work.

  • kejianshi,

    I'll try that, but what I'm really looking for is a way to just tell it "Use Opt 1 - 5 on as additional LAN ports."

    No easy way to do that?

  • Banned


    I'll try that, but what I'm really looking for is a way to just tell it "Use Opt 1 - 5 on as additional LAN ports."
    No easy way to do that?

    Huh. The device you bought is not a switch… kinda a waste of HW to use as such. Anyway, read this post.

  • While setting up a bridge would probably work, I'll just grab an 8 port Gigabit switch for the LAN.

    Thanks for the help everyone!

  • If you want a dirt cheap unmanaged gigabit switch, take a look at dynex 5 and 8 port gigabit switches. 
    They seem to pay customers to take them off their hands.  I have 2 for kids that are going strong for several years.
    Last night I was playing with iperf on the kids computer from his room and pulled about .8 ~ .9 gigabit connection across one.
    Works ok if you just need more ports and not VLAN off it.  (Not sure where the other .1 gigabit got too.  I'm looking for it)

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