Load balance between two carped pfsense (working on nat)

  • Hi pros
    i would love to know how i can achieve this:
    i have two pfsense 2.03 servers
    one is main and one is backup, they are synced with carp (direct eth cable and dedicated interfaces)
    each is connected to its own port on the wan switch
    and its own port on the internal switch

    currently all traffic passes through the main pfsense
    how can i make the two pfsense machines load balance in addition to the failover?

    thanks in advance!! ::)

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    You can't. CARP only does failover (active/passive) and not active/active. Yet, anyhow. Might happen far off in the future.

  • OK
    disappointing but its still  a free product so i cant really complain
    thanks a lot :)

  • Actually it depends on your setup…..automatic load balance not possible....but you can do manual redirect traffic to different pfsense server based on CARP priority on multiple VLANs setup.