Routing /25 subnet from /24 i get on wan to opt345 :-)

  • Hi,

    i failed to set up carp and bridge together so i'm trying now with routing and CARP. More on the old attemps here:,6291.0.html and here:,6256.0.html . Bassically i want 3 networks, one for SNAT (PCs), DNAT (Servers) and one for Internet IPs where we provide internet access to others.

    I have a C class on wan x.10.35.0/24
    And would segment network like this:

    –> .1 gateway (At our ISP)
    --> .3 pfsense box 1
    --> .4 pfsense box 2
    --> .2 CARP IP for SNAT
    --> .7 broadcast addr

    --> .8 shuld be gateway for this network. I wish to have redundancy for gateway with both pfsense boxes, but don't know how to do it.
    --> .127 broadcast addr

    Should be IPs for CARP i can use NAT rules on.

    How to achive that?

  • No answer. Is my question stupid or what?  ???

    Can someone please tell me how to make a subnet from my C class (/24) WAN available on OPT3 (subnet like (/25 or /26) ) via routing?

    Thank you.

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