Squid - whitelist

  • Just installed Squid package.  So how does the whitelist work.  It seems that all clients have full internet access anyways.  I see that the blacklist is working though.

    What I want to do is create a whitelist for about 10 computers to use.  All the other computers will have full access.  Can the squid package do this?  Or do I have to manually edit the squid.conf file even though it says "Do not edit manually"?

  • 1.  Fill in the whitelist as you would expect.  List out the sites you want to allow the computers access to. 
    2.  List out the computers by IP that are NOT subject to the whitelist only rules and put them in the 'Unrestricted IPs' box, one per line.  You might have to make one group static and the other on DHCP, or set reservations in DHCP.  Depends on your situation and number of hosts to deal with.
    3.  Place a single '.' (no quotes) in the blacklist.  This is the wild card character for squid.

    This is exactly how we have a production system running, it's amazing.

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