Disable gateway monitoring without disabling graphs?

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    I only have a single WAN interface, and lately (past week or so) it has been incredibly lossy, both ICMP and otherwise.  Every time the loss goes too high, pfSense resets the interface due to the alarms, causing more actual outage time than the packet loss alone would cause.

    However, I don't want to lose the statistics in the RRD Graph, which is what happens if I disable monitoring entirely.

    Is there a way to shut off the "actions" taken upon GW failures but still keep the pinging/graph backend active?

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    Not currently, no. If it is monitored, then it will trigger alarms.

    That may be something we could add in the future, but it's not currently possible.

  • This would be useful for me also - to use gateway monitoring for stats on single WAN installs, with no risk that apinger/pfSense will ever do anything based on the monitored latency/loss…
    Added feature request: http://redmine.pfsense.org/issues/3151

  • I would find this useful too.  All of the systems I use have a single gateway.  WAN redundancy is handled upstream.  I leave gateway monitoring enabled for the RRD graphs which are very useful for ISP issues.

    I currently have the System: Advanced: Miscellaneous / Gateway Monitoring
    'State Killing on Gateway Failure' checked which means it disables state killing on gateway down.

    What else happens when the gateway goes down?  I have seen the interface go down and up quickly and have assumed that was a switch  issue but I am not sure if the interface actually went down or if something in the gateway monitoring is doing that when it can't reach the gateway.

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