Build error … lex: not found

  • Hi all,

    I have installed the pfSense 1.2-BETA-1-Testing-Snapshot-05-02-07-pfSense development system on an ALEX board (pc-engines) with a 8-Gig CF card and 256-megs of RAM installed on the board (Works very well too) but I am getting an error during the developer bootstrap operation that is supposed to build the system to check for a sane installation.

    The error reported is listed in the Subject line, ie:  lex: no found

    I attempted to correct the error by using pkg-add to download and install flex (the lex replacement) but that did not work - flex was installed but the system still does not "find" lex to perform the build.

    Here is a "small" snippet of the error messages seen:

    lex -t   /usr/src/sys/dev/aic7xxx/aicasm/aicasm_scan.l > aicasm_scan.c
    lex: not found
    *** Error code 127

    The above error is in the stage 2.3: build tools section and appears in all the build versions the system attempts…

    I have not worked in the 'bsd' environment for about eight years so I am still coming back up to speed but any suggestions on correction of this error would be greatly appreciated!!!



    Well - I just downloaded the development iso image - uncomressed it - burned it to a CD rom disk and installeded it on a clean (totally wiped) hard drive… and it built the system correctly!

    Unless someone fixed a problem in the development system I really have no clue as to what happened!  This correctly built system is running on the SAME hardware it had failed on previously!

    Anyone have any explanation???


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