How can i remove (cancel) routes with shell commands?

  • Hello,

    How can i remove all routes with shell commands. I added for "" ips area to route. And now i cant enter to webconfigurator, i have to cancel that operation. I need shell command for the cremove all routes.

    Thank you..

  • Friends please help me, its so importent for me, i just wanna delete or remove all routes from pfsense with shell command..



    route del -net

    This is only temporary as next reboot or save will apply the config and restore the route. So once you kill it, login and remove the route from the config.

    OR, you can edit /cf/conf/config.xml and remove the route section for the one messing you up and then reboot. You might be able to force a config reload, but I am not as familiar with that way.

  • It solved thank you so much.

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