Dnsmasq config file and cache question

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    about dns cache, this was said:

    a better way using dns cache is telling pfsense that localhost will serve all dns request.
    including request by squid and its own use.

    right now, if you ssh into pfsense and type (say,) ping yahoo.com
    pfsense will use /etc/resolv.conf to resolve the ip address.
    that mean it goes directly to assigned dns server.

    so, imho, /etc/resolve should have this entry instead:

    this way, instead of go directly to dns server, it try to resolve through dnsmasq cache.

    then when it's not in cache, dnsmasq should try to go directly to dns server.
    so, we should have entry in dnsmasq.conf something like this:

    and the /etc/realdnsservers file should contain the dns server obtain from dhcp.


    as I was unable to reply that topic, I'd like to ask:

    the way I understand, pfsense has a dns cache running in dnsmasq daemon! Let's supose I'd like to do exactally what was said above; I just coudln't find any dnsmasq.conf to place inside it the external dns servers; I've read also that dnsmasq is simple and maybe doesnt have this config file… can I create one? if I do that, how can I inform dnsmasq to read that conf file??

    cannot I simple place into /etc/resolv.conf:

    ??? ???

    in order that pfsense tries first to resolve the name into it's cache and if he can't so it asks for external name servers???

    thanks a lot

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