In our network has 2 gateway and one of them is offline, why?

  • Hello,

    In our network has 2 modems and 2 gateway. One of them seems like bellow:

    I didnt understand why?

  • This might seem obvious - but are you sure both gateways are on the same subnet as the interface ?

    ICPM echo reply is disabled on WANGW ?

  • Thanks for your answer,

    Our first LAN interface is

    Our second interface is

    And aour networks situation s picture listed bellow:

    I see on Dashboard LAN LAN2 WAN WAN2 are up:

    What should i do?

  • Netgate Administrator

    Whatever the device is at it doesn't appear to be responding to pings.
    Are the two modems the same? Has it worked previously? I assume they are actually routers since they are in a private subnet.
    Is the link to the WAN modem actually up? (Edit: I see it is)


  • These are not the same modem. They are different adsl modem. It hasnt worked previously. Thanks..

  • Netgate Administrator

    So whatever that modem is I would check it to see if it has a setting to allow it to respond to pings. Can you ping it from anywhere else?

    Alternatively you could change the monitor IP used on that connection. There is little point using the modems IP since that only monitors the connection between pfSense and the modem, not the internet connection.
    In the webgui go to System: Routing: Gateways: and edit the WAN gateway. Enter an alternative monitor IP that is some where on the internet. You can use, Google's DNS service, for example.


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