[Solved] Public /25 Network with Virtual IP (other) and NAT

  • Hi,

    I have a /25 Public Network and want use this for my pfsense 2.1RC.
    But I not want put 128 Virtual IP in the PfSense Firewall. I try it with Virtual IP type „other“ and select „netzwork“ /25.

    Now i create  an 1:1 nat rule with  an ip adress from this range and i open an firewall rule. But this not working? Have i an error in reasoning?

    Regards from Germany

  • Hi,

    I have solved the problem! You must begin with the subnet addresses!

    e.g. xxx.yyy.99.128/25

    128 is my network subnet address
    255 is my broadcast address
    129 is the gateway
    130 have i configured for the WAN2 Interface address 130/25

    When I go to Virtual IP add „other” select dropdown „network“ and type xxx.yyy.99.131 /25 then only the first IP 131 work!
    When I type  xxx.yyy.99.128 /25 all works so if it should :-)

    Regards Andreas

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