Bsdlabel unable to get correct path for da0s1

  • While trying to install it in a KVM (Proxmox 3.0) with either IDE or SCSI (SATA didn't work) I get this error and can't continue installation:

    ,-<<< Executing /sbin/bsdlabel -B -r -w da-s1 auto' | bsdlabel: unable to get correct path for da0s1: No such file or directory->>> Exit status: 1


  • Hmmm… appears to be an interesting corner case:

    I extraced (using qemu-img) a 203-release ova's vmdk to a 10GB raw volume.
    As it didn't have the virtio stuff (I missed the fact that is wasn't in 2.0 only the 2.1-RC) I then tried the latest snapshot, which gave this error.
    By thrashing the disk/volume and creating a new 8GB volume, it passed this point.

    As I don't know FreeBSD that well, I can't give/help that much :(

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