One WAN IP, Multiple Web servers

  • Hi,
    I'm wondering if it is possible to use pfSense as a "reverse-proxy" without involving extra software like Squid, IQ Reverse Proxy and so on.

    My situation is like this:
    I have registered two internet Domains. e.g.
    Both have set their DNS-record to my static WAN-addess, e.g.

    On the inside (LAN), I have two physical Web-servers running, e.g. one Apache- and one Lotus Domino-server.
    Both are responding on tcp port 80.
    I can easily change local port for one of the servers e.g. port 81 for Domino, if it makes things easier.

    From the outside (internet) I would like to access both servers on port 80, and it should be redirected to the corresponding Web-server depending on the URL. -> -> (Apache server) -> -> (Domino server)

    Is this achievable with pfSense only?

    Any ideas would be highly appreciated :)

  • You can do this with a properly configured apache.
    But not with pfSense directly.

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