Can i see IP's down my Network like this? And manage bandwidth

  • Say i have a Home Router And a router under it that it is

    And to the router  is a computer connected on IP

    It is possible from the to see the IP

    Say i was to install PfSense and i wanted to manage bandwidth from but theres a router down the road and I want to manage the connections under that router such as or whatever.

    Is this possible? Would these IP's show up as or so on my entire network the way up?

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    I don't see how you have router connected to a 192.168.1 network on, and then a connected to that..

    Do you mean this downstream router has interface in your 192.168.1 network and one other networks hanging off it is 10.0.0 with some ? mask?

    Is this other router downstream doing nat?  If so then your never going to see pfsense would only see the IP in its network that your downstream router is natting too.

    If your actually routing then sure pfsense could see and you would just have to open up the lan interface to allow such traffic through it vs just its lan segment and you would have to have a gateway on this pfsense lan segment that allows it to get to your 10.0.0 network - and you would have to create routes that tell pfsense what networks are available on the other side of the router that has interface in its 192.168.1 network.

    I don't know your setup.. but depending on locations of these other networks - it would just be easier to hang your 10.0.0 network directly off pfsense and not even need that downstream router, etc.

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    What he said ^.

    Short answer: No.

    Your secondary router is almost certainly NATing between 192.168.1.* and 10.0.0* so all connections from your downlstream clients will appear to come from the downstream router. To be able to see cleints you would need to disable NAT and have it act only as a router.

    Why do you have two routers in line like this?


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