DIvide Bandwidth into two LAN

  • i am a new user in this topic about sense.i only have basic knowledge about the topic

    but what i basiclly want is to use pfsense to make 2 groups

    the internet bandwidth would be 2mb

    1 group= it would have 9 mac address (max 1mb available)

    2 group=it would have 3 mac address (max 1mb available)

    the fact is that i need the groups not to interfere each other

    could that be possible or bandwidth limit can only be applied only 1 mac address at time/?

    i would appriciate it any help about this topic.

  • If you have the MAC address of all the machines, I guess you can give them fixed IP addresses too?
    Then you should be able to create two "Alias" with the IP addresses of the two groups and create firewall rules according to your needs.

    With that in place you should be able to divide bandwidth between the two alias groups with the shaper.

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