Dual WAN ADSL / Cable Modem HowTo

  • Hey there

    I have some questions regarding a Dual WAN Setup

    I have

    16000/1000 ADSL Connection getting static IP based on the Login
    26000/5000 Cablemodem connection with DHCP getting "mostly" the same IP Adresse.

    I can setup the ADSL Modem Router up to do the Dialin and und a privat Subnet between pfsense and the Modem.
    On the Cable Modem i can't do this, the Modem does not have Routerfunctionality. So i have to life with the very short lease

    dhclient: bound to 9x.6x.3x.xxx – renewal in 1260 seconds

    Can i use the Dual WAN setup to "route" traffic like VPN only to one Line ?
    As far as i know, load balance will not work.

    Are there any plans to have a setup like on a Draytec router, where i simple have the options on the OPTx Interface as on the WAN Interface?
    Like DHCP/static/PPPoE/PPTP

    Any Ideas how i can use my two lines ???

  • adsl on WAN (to be able to use PPPoE)
    cable on opt1
    Setup both as dhcp.

    If you want to exclude certain traffic from being balanced just create a rule above your balancing rule with as gateway your interface you want it routed to.

    Rregarding the plan on adding PPPoE support on OPT interfaces:
    Search the forum. Somewhere is a thread about that.

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