Traffic Shaper Names in the Queue Status Screen

  • Hello, This is my first post after lurking for some time.  I am new new new to pfsense but have a decent history managing Tomato and DD-WRT based routers.  Obviously this is a step up from those routers and certainly approached a bit differently.  I am still discovering some things and realizing that there is alot to this software.

    So here is my first question.  I used the traffic shaper wizard to create some queues in attempts to gain a better understanding of what type of shaper would work best for me.  I decided to try CBQ first since it might be closest to how Tomato's QOS works.  Are you limited to 7 queues regardless of which method of traffic shaping you choose?  I modified the name of the queues to include the priority score in the queue name to help assist later when working with rules.  Shouldn't I see the modified names when navigating to the Status –> Queues module?

    Thanks for your time.

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