LAN Web Server Partially Accessible

  • Hi everyone,

    I've fairly new to pfSense, but using the forums and documentation sections I've managed to get it working, so thank you to all who've contributed to them. However, there seems to be one problem that I can't find out how to fix.

    I have a web server located in the LAN network, and the NAT and firewall rules have been set up to forward port 80 to this device. It is accessible on the Internet for some people, but for others it's impossible to view. Looking in the web server's logs, it shows that the initial GET request is initiated, but then it doesn't get any further than that. Connecting to another internal server using HTTPS works correctly.

    The pfSense box has replaced a VigorTek router, which did not have this problem.

    Firewall Rule

    | Proto | Source | Port | Destination | Port | Gateway | Queue |
    | TCP | * | * | | 80 (HTTP) | * | none |


    | If | Proto | Src. addr | Src. ports | Dest. addr | Dest. ports | NAT IP | NAT Ports |
    | WAN | TCP | * | * | WAN Address | 80 (HTTP) | | 80 (HTTP) |

    HTTP Website
    The links below point to the Moodle site that is located on the internal web server. When viewing the page in Google Chrome, it responds with an error of: Error 101 (net::ERR_CONNECTION_RESET): The connection was reset.
    HEAD only:
    Proof working:

    HTTPS Website
    This is the HTTPS server also located internally, which loads without any problems. The HTTP redirect page is on the same server the site above runs off.
    Address (HTTP redirect page): (This page works, showing "Redirecting to email login…")
    N.B. I am currently aware that there is a problem with the security certificate.

    Packages Installed
    Dashboard Widget: Antivirus Status
    Dashboard Widget: HAVP
    File Manager
    HAVP antivirus
    Postfix Forwarder

    Sorry if this is in TL;DR territory. I've tried to add in as much information as possible, but let me know if there is anything else. Thanking you in advance.

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