HOW TO: Enom dynamic DNS updating

  • If your dns nameservers are (Enom), this may help to get DDNS working. First you'll have to create a domain password, I did that years ago and don't remember how that was done.

    The Enom doc is here:

    To make this work in pfSense 2.1:
    go to sevices -> Dynamic DNS and start a new entry.
    select the service type "custom"
    select WAN for both interfaces
    for the Update URL enter:
    replacing %server.domain.tld% with the DNS entry you wish to make/update and %password% with your domain password, leave %IP%.

    note that can't be used because the script checks for a valid ssl cert and the cert for this site is for

  • I’m a new user to pfSense and wanted to share my experience trying to get v2.2 working with enom.  I am posting this in this thread, even though it is older to keep the information in one location.

    I was unable to get the procedure above to work.  I had enom updating working with Tomato on a Asus RT-N16 with no issues.

    This is the procedure I used to get it to work in pfSense.

    Create a new entry with the following options in Services: Dynamic DNS client

    DDNS Service: -> Custom 
    Interface to monitor: -> WAN
    Interface to send update from: -> WAN
    User Name: -> anything 
    Password -> anything 
    Update URL: ->*

    YOURDOMAINNAME = The domain you have on enom.

    YOURACCESSPASSWORD = Login to enom and go to “my domains”.  On the right hand side, there is a drop down where you can select “General Setting”  Set a strong unique password in the “Set Access Password” field. I did this a long time ago an believe this is where I did it.

    After you save and force an update, you should see the updated IP results on the  “Manage Domain -> Host Records” screen on enom.

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