Traffic Shaper: Queues screen; 64-bit

  • Built a new dual-core AMD64 box, 8G ram, SSD, etc.  Copied xml from "in service" box.  Most everything seems to be running fine except the CPU Usage on the dashboard and the Queues screen never finishes loading or shows throughput by shaping priority.

    Are these known issues?  Is there a current repository of known 64-bit issues posted?  I'm considering reinstalling 32-bit since the "must read" sticky does not recomment 64-bit yet but will likely loose use of 1/2 the installed RAM.


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    except the CPU Usage on the dashboard

    If you mean this, then it's unrelated to 64bit. (Seems to get temporarily fixed by clearing browser cache.)

  • Cleared my Browser cache and no change on either screen, see attached.  Forever loading…

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    Can you try with Firefox or Chrome to make sure it's not an IE issue?

    IE has always hated parts of our AJAX for one reason or another…

  • Thanks Jimp. This should be a BOLD sticky somewhere that users of PfSense 2.1 should not be using IE.  I switched to Firefox and the eleven issues below went away.  Feelin a bit better about ver 2.1 now…

    :Edit File
    :Limiter Info "Gathering Limiter Info Please Wait"  Never gets to "We cound not find any limiters on this system".
    :PfTop "Gathering PfTop Info Please Wait"
    :Routes "Gathering Data Please Wait"
    :Smart Monitor Tools, logs don't work.
    :System Activity "Gathering Cpu Info Please Wait"

    :Dashboard, CPU usage never updates.
    :Queues, never load.
    :RDD Graphs, System and Traffic tabs don't seem to show data.
    :Traffic Grapher, needs FIrefix 1.5 or Adobe SVG Viewer.

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    Cleared up quite a bit then.  ;)
    Interesting, I haven't used IE for so long I haven't seen those issues. I seem to remember reading that using an alternative browser was recommended but I can't find it now. I agree that information should be clearer if that's the level of problems that it causes.


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