RRD Mailreport package doesn't send out emails

  • Hi all,

    I'm having issues with the RRD Mailreport package.
    For the past year everything has worked fine, reports were sent out daily, but in the past few days the RRD mail reports are not coming out.
    Nothing has changed with the Pfsense configuration and I DO get the test email from the pfsense notifications setup page.
    The Syslog shows nothing as well.

    Pfsense is version 2.0.3.
    Attached is my report config.

    Any idea where I can check to see the cause of the problem?


  • Hi,

    Your Frequency is set to Daily.

    Is that not clashing with the Day of the Week setting?

    So you should be using Weekly for your frequency.  Or set Day of the week to blank.


  • If you set the day of the week to blank it automatically reverts to Sunday.
    Anyway - This HAS worked until a few days ago, even when set to Daily and Sunday.

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