Public ip address as carp

  • hi

    i have try to use a public ip address for carp. but the system say "Sorry, we could not locate an interface with a matching subnet for X.X.X.X/32. Please add an IP alias in this subnet on this interface."

    i have only one public ip address and this public ip is routed to pfsense over a transfer network. how can i use the public ip address.

  • is it ok to apply the public ip as alias ip on both firewall? the ip will be routed only to the active firewall.

  • Until we get carpdev (probably when pfSense goes to FreeBSD 10 as a base), you need a minimum of three public IPs to make a failover cluster. One on each firewall and one or more shared IPs.

  • its a goog idea to use alias ip with /32 on both server? the routing goes every time to the active firewall. if not we must nat on the upstream firewall.

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