Quagga OSPF to Cisco

  • Problem I'm having is getting routes redistributed correctly between my pfsense box (2.0.3-RELEASE) and a Cisco 1811 Router. I previously had this working between the Cisco and a Juniper SRX so I can verify the 1811 config is good.

    I get OSPF setup correctly and get a full adjacency. When doing a 'sh ip route' on the 1811, I show no routes from the pfsense box. Alternatively, on the pfsense box it's 'showing' the routes in the status tab but none are added to the routing table.


    Simple area of RID is on the 1811 and on the pfsense.

    I have the 'Redistribute connected subnets' checked in Quagga.

           OSPF Router with ID (
                    Router Link States (Area
    Link ID         ADV Router      Age  Seq#       CkSum  Link count            3 0x80000004 0xa780 1         1115 0x80002be0 0x7f1e 5
                    AS External Link States
    Link ID         ADV Router      Age  Seq#       CkSum  Route            3 0x80000003 0xac06 E2 [0x0]
    xx.xx.xx.xx            3 0x80000003 0x925c E2 xx.xx.xx.xx/29 [0x0]         1625 0x80000116 0x83b1 E2 [0x0]         1625 0x80000116 0xff74 E2 [0x0]         1625 0x80000116 0xb703 E2 [0x0]         1007 0x80000001 0xd9dd E2 [0x0]          658 0x80000001 0xcfe6 E2 [0x0]         1625 0x80000116 0xe1c6 E2 [0x0]            3 0x80000003 0x6356 E2 [0x0]            3 0x80000002 0x881e E2 [0x0]            3 0x80000003 0x1883 E2 [0x0]          360 0x80000029 0x0d32 E2 [0x0]         1625 0x80000116 0x9794 E2 [0x0]         1625 0x80000116 0x0817 E2 [0x0]         1625 0x80000116 0xfc21 E2 [0x0]         1625 0x80000116 0xf12b E2 [0x0]         1625 0x80000116 0xe635 E2 [0x0]         1625 0x80000116 0x07fa E2 [0x0]         1625 0x80000116 0xe519 E2 [0x0]            3 0x80000002 0x9082 E2 [0x0]            3 0x80000002 0x868b E2 [0x0]          623 0x80000003 0xbeef E2 [0x0]
    xx.xx.xx.xx            3 0x80000002 0x7fc3 E2 xx.xx.xx.xx/32 [0x0]
    xx.xx.xx.xx            3 0x80000003 0x0531 E2 xx.xx.xx.xx/32 [0x0]

    Any help or direction is appreciated. Cheers!

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    "Redistribute Kernel" is probably closer to what you actually want.

    Orherwise, Make sure your interface(s) with routes you want to send are added as passive interfaces.

  • jimp,

    Appreciate the advice. I went ahead and checked the redistrib. kernel and added the subnets as passive interfaces. I am now seeing them in the Quagga Routing Table:

    ============ OSPF network routing table ============
    N        [10] area:
                               directly attached to lagg0_vlan30
    N        [10] area:
                               directly attached to lagg0_vlan60
    N        [10] area:
                               directly attached to lagg0_vlan80
    N        [10] area:
                               directly attached to lagg0_vlan90

    However, On the Cisco side, I am still seeing no routes being added.

    Doing a 'sh ip route' doesn't show any OSPF added routes. However, OSPF does have full adjacency:

    Neighbor ID     Pri   State           Dead Time   Address         Interface           0   FULL/  -        00:00:33     FastEthernet1

    OSPF Config on the Cisco Here:

    router ospf 2222
     redistribute eigrp 200 subnets
     network area 0

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    What does the OSPF and Zebra config look like in /usr/local/etc/quagga/ ?

    What does the OSPF status show?

    Any system logs that refer to OSPF?

  • So there are no files in /usr/local/etc/quagga

    There is an ospfd.conf file in /usr/local/etc/

    redistribute connected
    area {
            interface lagg0_vlan60

    Quagga OSPF General

    OSPF Routing Process, Router ID:
     Supports only single TOS (TOS0) routes
     This implementation conforms to RFC2328
     RFC1583Compatibility flag is disabled
     OpaqueCapability flag is disabled
     Initial SPF scheduling delay 200 millisec(s)
     Minimum hold time between consecutive SPFs 1000 millisec(s)
     Maximum hold time between consecutive SPFs 10000 millisec(s)
     Hold time multiplier is currently 1
     SPF algorithm last executed 3.470s ago
     SPF timer is inactive
     Refresh timer 10 secs
     This router is an ASBR (injecting external routing information)
     Number of external LSA 17\. Checksum Sum 0x00080fe4
     Number of opaque AS LSA 0\. Checksum Sum 0x00000000
     Number of areas attached to this router: 1
     All adjacency changes are logged
     Area ID: (Backbone)
       Number of interfaces in this area: Total: 2, Active: 2
       Number of fully adjacent neighbors in this area: 1
       Area has no authentication
       SPF algorithm executed 3 times
       Number of LSA 2
       Number of router LSA 2\. Checksum Sum 0x0001244c
       Number of network LSA 0\. Checksum Sum 0x00000000
       Number of summary LSA 0\. Checksum Sum 0x00000000
       Number of ASBR summary LSA 0\. Checksum Sum 0x00000000
       Number of NSSA LSA 0\. Checksum Sum 0x00000000
       Number of opaque link LSA 0\. Checksum Sum 0x00000000
       Number of opaque area LSA 0\. Checksum Sum 0x00000000

    Quagga OSPF Neighbor Info

     Neighbor ID Pri State           Dead Time Address         Interface            RXmtL RqstL DBsmL           1 Full/DR           39.924s     lagg0_vlan60:     0     0     0

    Ton of these in the Sys Log:

    ospfd[6765]: Vty connection from
    ospfd[6765]: LSA[Type5:]: Not originate AS-external-LSA for default
    ospfd[6765]: nsm_change_state(, Loading -> Full): scheduling new router-LSA origination

    Thanks Again

  • I've got some similar issues, however I'm having to deal with XO on an MPLS for exchanging routes.

    On one unit, I can get the OSPF routes added to the kernel routing table, but the other two units will never add the routes to the kernel routing table, even though they're setup the same.

    Not to dirty up this thread, but I'm subscribing since this seems to be close to my issues as well.

  • Try binding to the phyical interface rather than  lagg0

  • Just an update here:

    I went ahead and moved to new gear and separated out each vlan on it's own interface.

    Upon firing up OSPF again, the same issue prevails. I get the routes from the Cisco 1811 and shows as "FULL". Doing same 'sh ip route' in the Cisco side and it doesn't see any redistributed routes from the pfsense side.

    Any ideas?

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