Set Version

  • Hi
    after running Set Version from menu system, these messages appear:

    >>> Applying patches from /home/pfsense/tools/builder_scripts/../builder_scripts/conf/patchlist/patches.RELENG_8_3 please wait...Done!
    >>> Finding patch rejects...
    >>> Cleaning up old directories...
    >>> Cleaning build directories: Done!
    >>> Cleaning up previous build environment...Please wait......Done!
    >>> Ensuring /usr/pfSensesrc/src is clean...Done!

    Set Version script applies kernel patches too, but what means cleaning up? Do i need to run ./ after it? can i build iso image immediately after "set version"?

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    It cleans up old remnants of patches (e.g. .orig, .rej files) and similar things.

    You can build an iso right after, though I normally run this first:

    ./ && ./ && ./

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