Scheduling a PPP interface to go up and down automatically

  • Is there a way to schedule a PPP interface (or any interface, really) to come up and down automatically, based on the time of day?

    I know you can use SquidGuard or something along those lines to block traffic, but I need to work with dial-up ISDN accounts that are limited to the number of hours per day they can be used.

    I'd like to set something up so that pfSense brings up the PPP connection early in the morning, shuts it down a few hours later when I leave for work, then brings it back up in the afternoon.

    Sort of a poor-man's approach to dealing with the fact that ISDN isn't "always on" like most broadband technologies.

    Any ideas are appreciated.


  • Netgate Administrator

    I don't think there's anyway of doing that using the default options but you could use a cron job. Install the cron package (to make it easier) and write some very simple scripts that bing up your connection or kill it. Run them at appropriate times.


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