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  • Hi everyone,

    I just installed pfsense on one machine. I `m trying to share a folder on this machine, This folder should be visible from network.

    When I `m trying to access \ ( from windows client) is requiring an username and a  password

    and it-s not "admin /pfsense".

    So, Im doing something wrong or there is another account that im missing.

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    Huh??? pfSense is a firewall/router. Absolutely no Samba/file sharing running there.

  • You would be amazed how many people want to put SAMBA on this firewall.  Its baffling to me.

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    It's not that surprising when you consider how many other similar products do offer 'all in one box' type solutions. Also consider that pfSense has a far wider cross section of users than other firewalls, home users to data centres. Anyone coming from, say, IPFire might expect a samba package but someone coming from a Cisco ASA would not.

    Anyway to answer the original question. There is no file sharing by default in pfSense and there is no easy way to add it as it's considered a very bad idea.


  • Thank you Steve,

    you are a gentleman.

    Anyway , the machine is accepting connection: "windows security:  connecting to " and it's not a "network authentication" ( you know what i mean).

    I`m just asking,


  • If you have a ubuntu computer running anywhwere, they handle the roles of SAMBA and WINs server very well.
    MINT also works and makes for a prettier more user friendly desktop also.  I use both.

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    Hmm, hard to say what Windows is doing there. I doubt it will ever connect though, unless it has new capability I'm unaware of. If you need to move files on or off the pfSense box from Windows the easist way is with SCP. I use WinSCP. Just enable SSH and always login as root since the admin user menu gets the way of SCP.

    Oh and Xubuntu FTW!  ;D


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    Or do something really scary…


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