Issue with routing (i think) Amazon AWS to local network

  • Hi all,

    I need help with my current pfsense setup. I have created a working IPsec tunnel from my local network to the amazon web services. PFSense is actually sitting behind a hardware firewall and i am forwarding traffic through it. IPsec Connection is up and I can ping and remote desktop from my local network on subnet to my AWS instances on subnet, i have setup routing correctly in AWS and I can successfully RDP back to a server in

    however when i try to ping a server in my local network i receive 4 "timed out" and 100% packet loss, i have allowed ICMP on both firewalls (the hardware firewall and pfsense) and I can actually see the traffic in the firewall logs and the destination it is going to.

    Why do I receive a timeout?

    Thanks in advance

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