Proxying over IPSEC

  • Hi

    One of our worldwide offices has a restriction placed on their internet line by their government preventing access to certain websites. As that office does work for global clients they need access to some of the blocked websites - like YouTube etc.

    I thought about proxying web traffic over an IPSEC VPN to one of our sites in a different country so I installed Squid on the pfSense in the unrestricted country and configured a machine at the restricted site to proxy through the LAN interface address on the remote site.

    Squid on the remote site is listening on the LAN interface and I have added the remote subnet as allowed under access control.

    I read somewhere that I need to set squid to listen on the VPN interface rather than LAN but there is only WAN & LAN options in the squid gui.

    Any suggestions on how to get this working or any alternative solutions?


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