Set and Forward ToS or DiffServ values

  • Hi.. I need to set Tos for some traffic in pfsense, which  another box will handle it.
    Just to clarify:
    I am putting a pfsense in an existing structure, with an operational gateway, and for all traffic forwarded by pfsense I wish to tag with a ToS value… and in my server I will define a policy based routing which will choose routes (old gateway table or pfsense table) by ToS field in packages...
    so... I set queues in traffic shaper for Wan and Lan interfaces, and set None/Queue in Ackqueue/Queue advanced feature of my rules... but when I sniff traffic in my internal hosts, the ToS in Ip header always is 0x0.
    is there any way to change this field for some traffic forwarded by pfsense ??

    thanks a lot..

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    pfSense can currently only read, not set, the TOS/DSCP bits in packets.

    They must be set by the originator of the traffic (phone, PBX, etc)

  • thanks for the information…

    could you tell me if this feature is in roadmap (or future plans)
    or if will be a good idea suggest it on ?

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    I don't know if it's there or not, feel free to search on redmine

    I don't know if that will ever be possible, but you can put in a feature request ticket (target=future) for it.