Match a mac when pxebooting

  • Hello everyone, I did my best but I couldn't find how to solve this on pfsense. I have a diskless enviroment where pfsense is the router and the sext server and file are configure. the diskless client boot from a menu prompt and dhcp leaeses are dinamic. And now I need two client to boot sertaint os without being prompt with the menu which will time out and go to the default defined in it.
    how can I match a mac like in centos dhcpd.conf, that you can state the host name, mac, next-server and filename?

    similar like this:

    group {
      filename "filename";
      next-server 192,168,2,34;

    host pc-vidriera { hardware ethernet 00:30:0e:2d:a7:60; }

    I have tried to enumerate the files at "Enable network booting" and wait for a match but with no luck.

    can someone give me a hand please?
    thanks in advanced

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    On pfSense 2.1, you can add a static mapping in DHCP and supply specific PXE settings for just that one client there.

    Those options don't exist on 2.0.x, though, so you'll need to upgrade to get them.

  • Hello, thanks for the answer. I have tried the dhcp static mapping with no luck. I have pfsense version 2.0.3 i386. The problem is that I have a pxe menu as the default. I put a file with the corresponding nic's mac address in the same location of the default pxe menu file. It should pic up first the file named with it's mac address but it keeps going to default menu.
    Correct me if I'm wrong, in that scenario there is no need for dhcp mapping. I have tried naming the file with uppper and lower case and with conbinations of "-" and ":" with no luck.
    after that I also tried to make dhcp mapping and it only stop seeing the default file to load, but doesn't see or load any file.
    Has someone done this on this version, or the only posible solution is to upgrade? My questions point to the fact that in version 2.0.3 these options does exist, but probably the behavior is buggy.

    another questions comes to my mind.

    When you go to static mapping and you add the "Netboot filename"  option. What is the locations it make reference to?
    I have allready consider permisions where the "default" file is located. Also have tried to make reference to files on the "Additional BOOTP/DHCP Options" with the option 209, text, and the name of the file and it keeps droping to "default" file.

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