NAT and bridge

  • I use bridge (Wan and LAN), Firewall rule - pass for all (any traffic pass)

    Want append Outbound NAT (lan->wan) for 25 port:

    WAN  *  *  25  *  *  NO

    Generated rule:

    Outbound NAT rules

    nat on $wan from to any port 25 -> (xl0)

    In <diagnostics: show="" states="">exists this lines:
    tcp <- CLOSED:SYN_SENT 
    tcp -> -> SYN_SENT:CLOSED

    and i can't connect to remote port (SMTP)

    Can i realise NAT with bridge and what i do not right?</diagnostics:>

  • I found what problem. but need help
    1. if i have this cheme. all NAT working
    workstation (ip –--->pfSense/bridge(>cisco1700(
    gw <=-

    2. but on this scheme Nat not worked
    workstation (ip ----->pfSense/bridge(>cisco1700(
    gw <=-

    What i can do in 2 scheme for working NAT?

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