No DNS for LAN pFsense 2.1-RC (i386)

  • Hardware Specs, pendium 4, 2GBram, 2xPCI NICs, and a HDD

    hi everyone, i'm pretty new to pFsense and bsd, but I can follow direction pretty well. Last night I attempted to setup a pFsense box with the latest experimental snapshot pfSense-memstick-2.1-RC1-i386-20130821-0129.img.gzp to install from a usb, which I was able to do successfully. Everything went smoothly up until the LAN DHCP setup[which confused me sinceI didn't have do that for the stable version]. I was able to connect to the webPortal and complete the configuration but when I checked for internet access I got and error of cannot find DNS server, So I decided to checked the dashboard to see if i got an IP from my modem and I can see theres an IP in the WAN [ISP:DHCP] and I see my LAN IP. What am I missing?

    thank you for your help on this in advance.

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