What's happening? wrong NAT + DNS leak?

  • pfsense box:

    OPT1 (OpenVPN provider)
    OPT2 (OpenVPN road-warrior)

    OPT1 (assigned to Interface: AIRVPN_INTERFACE)
    OPT2 roadwarrior OpenVPN server (assigned to Interface: IPADVPN_INTERFACE): –> local

    General Setup > DNS server
    2 OpenNIC IPs set here (I don't want to use DNS servers from my provider)

    Services: DNS forwarder

    Now, the strange problem.

    If I browse the Internet from a machine on the LAN (say it's all just fine: all the traffic goes through AirVPN OpenVPN tunnel and http://ipleak.net/ reports DNS from AirVPN and from the 2 OpenNIC servers. Very good.

    So, i bring my iPad (with OpenVPN client) and connect to my OpenVPN server on the pfsense box. What I want to achieve is redirect iPad's traffic to AIRVPN_INTERFACE and use that to go out to the Net. But I get this strange output from ipleak

    WHAT? I didn't setup any Google DNS!  >:(

    Here's my NAT Outbound screenshot

    I'm going crazy…

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