Shutdown from command line question

  • Hi guys!

    Maybe stupid Q but still…
    I have built new PC for pfsense...
    When I do: /sbin/shutdown -p now system powers itself down, it works as it should...

    Now, can I use some command to just prepare for shutdown, execute everything just like shutdown -p but do not turn off the power?
    Problem is, my bios is configured to recover from power loss but MB is so loooow  power consuming that when it shuts itself off it wont consume all power left.
    I have UPS that auto shuts down my firewall and then it shuts down itself too and if power comes in too quickly (faster than in 5 minutes) my motherboard won`t even detect
    power loss :)
    If power is lost for more then 5 minutes, it auto turns off without any problem :)

    Now if shutdown seq. would complete but power will still be on, when UPS will shut down itself it will also shut down FW gracefully and power loss will be recoreded by MB :)

    I hope I made myself clear, sorry for bad English..


  • shutdown -h now is correct one :)

  • Recharged the UPS and now with halt (-h) command everything works as expected :)
    I`m posting this just in case someone should have same problem as me …

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