Gateway status gibberish

  • I have failover WAN (when ADSL is down, I have failover on a mobile connection), and as far as I know, it has been working fine since about 9 months or so.

    Today I had a look at Status: Gateways. I know there is an obsolete one, I used to have DHCP on an interface and now there is static IP since a while, so, now that it has been some time and a couple interruptions and I verified static also works and fails over correctly, I figured I would clean that up. I was not quite prepared for what I saw and which is pasted below (and uploaded at for the next few days)

    Status: Gateways

    GatewaysGateway Groups
    Name Gateway Monitor RTT Loss Status Description
    WANGW ð§ÆK7‰@Ï÷S㥛@oƒÀÊa&@ffffff&@bX9´È@B`åÐ"Û@•C‹l@…ëQ¸…@ 0.654ms 0.0%
    WAN Gateway
    GW_OPT1 Gathering data Gathering data
    Gathering data
    Interfaceopt1dynamic gateway
    WANmobileGWip -59819642091208659595764731726480761374126243382478415602703240259842596759842784981649395261778015141166208029242361829447417881317073341920662526982914443197241799749230706296902817068579072561905621470563820109824.000ms 0.0%
    tplink 6.651ms 0.0%
    tplink connection to huawei

    Thank you a lot for any insight about what might be going on

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