Virtual IP stops Internet everywhere on the network !?

  • Hello, i have a very strange problem here. My PFS is 2.0.1. I have to add one more webserver and now i need to separate the traffice for the one that i have and the new one. I don't want to use reverse proxy because it has some issues showing the remote user ip address with some apps. I have called my ISP and they gave me one more IP address 78.90.x.y my old IP is 78.90.a.b so they are in different subnet. Also the gateways and dns are different. So here comes the strange part. As soon as i add virtual IP to my PFS there is no more internet everywhere not the internal network not on the PFS too. If i delete the Virtual IP the Internet doesn't come back. I need to restore my backup and wait for 5-10 minutes so everything goes ok again ? Is this something that i do wrong or this is something my ISP is doing ? Also i have tried the second ip on another pc and it is working on it…

  • What is your internet connection? Where are you adding the IP address? What type of VIP are you using? Do you have multiple IP NICs you can setup on WAN to help with that? Seems like a strange way to go about a second IP.

  • My internet connection is direct by LAN with static IP. I have tried with IP alias & Proxy ARP - same results. I did not have engough NICs so that is why i wanted to put the second IP on my WAN NIC too. Anyway i have found a workaround adding one more NIC(and changing the pc ofcourse) so now it is working with two separate physical NICs. The idea is not to use multiwan as failover or loadbalancing because the ISP is the same so if something goes wrong with the ISP i will lose both WANs. The idea is to make separate rules for HTTP request for my two Webservers. The first IP is going to first Webserver and the second IP is going to second Webserver.

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