PfSense not falling back on Local Authentication when LDAP server is unavailable

  • I'm running PfSense 2.1 RC from May 17th, 2013 i386 But I believe this problem effects all releases. My title is a little misleading because if the LDAP server is not available it will fall back to local database but the GUI is very very very slow.

    My LDAP server is not on site and is accessible through a site to site VPN. If I lose connection to the remote site PfSense becomes very very slow with regards to access to the Web GUI. Router and Firewall functionality work fine. It take 5-10 minutes for PfSense to realize that the LDAP server is unavailable before it will use the Local Database for authentication and then when ever you go to a new page it's like it tries to check the LDAP server again which causes another 5-10 minute wait. It's almost unusable. I have checked every where to see if there is something that I can do to lower this timeout value. I suspect that I can change a value under:
    system->Advance->system Tuneables but I don't know enough about FreeBSD to even attempt to mess around with this. Also is this the correct behavior to check with the authentication Server on every page accessed? Is there someway to remember the users credentials through a cookie or something because this is a real pain when you have a critical outage.

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