WAN1-2 routing to VLAN

  • Hello,

    Overview (please ignore arrow between wan1 and wan2):

    Short description:
    I have 2 switches (Cisco SG200-50p) with VLANs configured and have pfsense configured to work with them over a 802.1q trunk. All works fine (DHCP, intervlan rules etc.).
    Now I would like to have VLAN30 to always use the WAN2 interface (for VoiP, so no NAT would be good), and VLAN 10,20 to WAN1 for data.

    How would I configure these outgoing routes and conversely how would I configure pfsense to tag the incoming packets destined for VLAN30 to go over that trunk?

    Thanks in advance.

  • If it's trunked to pfSense then each vLAN will show up as a separate interface in the firewall page. Just edit the Internet access rule on the VLAN30 interface and set the gateway to WAN2.

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