PFsense HTTP

  • Hi,

    i have been using pfsense for years now without having any real problems. I have been load balancing 4 internet connections for quit some time now and i can speedtest each one if i open multiple time and i can see the diffennt ips if i browser to etc etc. I can also see the speed gain when using P2P programs.

    What i was wondering is if i can setup my PFsense to have a speed increase while browsing and have display my combined wan speed or even used it to speedup youtube. I know that probably this is not possible with single socket single session protocols but i am asking in case i have missed something.


  • You said you had four internet connections, so i take it you have a Wan, opt1, opt2, opt3 interface? Did you create a gateway group using all four of the interfaces?

    You won't see an increase in say, but you should see an quicker response being you will be load balancing traffic between four connections.

  • The short answer is no , the long one involves the way diferent data transmission protocols and applications both client side and server side work.

    P2P works just fine because most implementations just ask for a piece of data from a peer , the peer just sends it and the p2p client puts them all together .

    Web works diferently and often requires back and forth comunication , and the web server would identify your 2 separate requests like 2 diferent clients (one for each public ip) , that's why you use just one gateway at a time for web "stuff".

    Hope it helps.

  • But it should make internet for a house full of people using the web generally faster over-all when they lots of people are making separate requests.

  • Yes , for multiple clients accessing diferent websites should help.