RC 2.1 (i386) - Aug 24 11:30 - Limiters cause Internet to stop working.

  • I was using a snapshot from the 18th and couldn't get the limiters to function at all.  So I upgraded to today's snapshot and found that although the limiters were still within the GUI they did not actually show up as the DIAG | Limiters screen indicated "No limiters configured".

    So I deleted the limiters via the GUI and recreated them.  I'm assuming the reason was because a developer changed the limiters because when I created new ones I had to click an add button to set the bandwidth levels on the limiter rather than just textboxes like in the older versions.

    No worries, I recreated them just fine and they seemed to show up OK in the DIAG | Limiters screen as they should.  So I created a new LAN rule and setup the limiters as my first rule as so goes the procedure.

    As soon as I enable the rule and apply the setting my Internet just plain stops working.  If I disable the rule the Internet comes right back online.  I made sure the bandwidth settings were 15 Mbps and a burst of 20 Mbps down and up was 1 Mbps with 1.5 Mbps so it wasn't that I set stupidly low settings (LOL).

    If the developer would like to contact me, or continue this thread, I would be more than happy to help test this.  I checked redmine for issues and couldn't find any listings for this problem and so thought I would post it here to get the dialog started.

    I run many pfSense boxes in my DC's but I'm more thing willing to test things at home with my pfSense box if any of the developers want to engage me.  Glad to be of service, keep up the great work!

  • Just curious if anyone else is seeing this particular issue?  ???

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