New user, new install, can not get to webConfiguration from PC, can ping

  • pfSense 2.1-RC1 (i386) on intel hardware with 4 GB RAM.

    Uverse 3800 HGV-B -> WAN on pfsense 
    LAN on pfsense -> 8 port switch -> connected laptop for configuration.

    on pfsense computer itself I see no errors, WAN address is received from Uverse router, LAN interface address is set up say as with DHCP pool startin at

    on connected PC address is received, gateway
    I can ping without an issue, however neither http or https to it results in anything getting "This page can't be displayed".  I was able to connect ones and then it died upon trying to go to the next step of the wizard. I already restarted webConfigurator from the pfsense few times.

    what is option 4 (reset to factory defaults) and is re-install my only option?

    Thank you

    As I am writing this, I wondered why pfsense box itself does not allow me to launch webconfigurator gui - yes, I know it meant to support very low power devices with no/console display capability, however why can't this be an option? if in order to fix issues with the router I need to configure it properly but in order to configure I need router/network working properly isn't this circular reasoning built in into design?

  • All configuration necessary for getting pfSense on the network can be accomplished from the console menu system.

    Reset to Factory Defaults is just that.  Set the configuration to that of a new install.

    Reset is probably what I’d do next.  And until it is up and running refrain from unnecessary customizations, such as those oddball addresses etc.

  • Thanks. Post reset. I get for pfsense and for the client PC. Client PC can not ping, pfsense can not ping 101 address from the root menu.

    as for 'oddball addresses' - I am already connecting to 192.168.1. range from Uverse which can not be truly bridged. instead uverse assigns pfsense an address in 192.168.1. range which pfsense thinks is external WAN. having both WAN and LAN address look exactly the same is more confusing than creating such separation. makes sense?

  • FYi. I re-assigned interfaces creating LAN addresses in made up 10.1.1.x range , restarted and got the webconfigurator to work. the rest would be reading and learning pfsense . thanks to NOYB who answered and to all who may have read.

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