[Solved] Load Balancing by port / service

  • I've tried to load balance two spam filters and I can't get it to work. Am I wrong at thinking that I can do this? I use 1:1 nat for all of the virtual ips to the internal ones. I Remove the 1:1 when doing this setup but the leave the virtual IP on the pfsense.

    I have 2 Scrollout F1 scanners on private IP and  setup the virtual server and the pools and the port associated with email (25) The logs on the scanners stop processing.

    I installed the package HAPROXY and configured it and its working just fine. If anyone else has a problem I don't mind helping.

    My setup is I have all of the virtual ip's as an "ip alias" I then installed the haproxy package. Then I configured the pool to use my internal servers ip and ports that I needed. I then set the listner to use the pool that I selected and the external IP I wanted to use. Set some default connection values and enabled the service. Whala!!! its works.

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